A long-distance dramaturgy program for new plays in development. Works must be in the first draft stage or later. Each script will be paired with a professional dramaturg, who will work with the playwright via email and/or Skype through the completion of a further two drafts of their work.

All playwrights, regardless of experience or province/country of residence, are eligible to apply. Up to three scripts will be chosen for development each year. Please note that She Said Yes! is a feminist theatre company, and as such we are interested in developing works that are written by, for or about women, including queer and trans women and women of colour. While we do not stipulate that the playwright must be female, priority will be given to works which develop and enrich the canon of feminist theatre.

Submission deadline is 5 pm NL time, October 15th, or the next business day if the 15th falls on a weekend.

To apply, send a copy of your script in pdf or Word format, along with an email stating your reasons for applying to the program and your history as a playwright to shesaidyestheatre@gmail.com.

We pay a small honorarium to all participating playwrights and dramaturgs.


Mail-Order Dramaturgy 2015:

Playwright Agnes Walsh, NL (Untitled) with dramaturg Lois Brown, NL

Playwright Meghan Greeley, ON/NL (Skylark) with dramaturg Sara Tilley, NL




Playwright Klara Wojtkowska, Tanzania (MEAT) with dramaturg Sara Tilley

Playwright Alexis von Konigslow, Ontario (The Exclusion Zone) with dramaturg Lois Brown

Playwright Sharon Goldner, US (Frank Talk) with dramaturg Lois Brown



Mail-Order Dramaturgy 2013:

Playwright Hillary Rexe from ON (And the Echo) with dramaturg Lois Brown (QC)

Playwright Camille Thomasson from Texas (Stalker) with dramaturg Sarah Elkashef (QC)

Playwright Joel Fishbane from QC (The Perfect World) with dramaturg Sara Tilley (NL)



Mail-Order Dramaturgy 2011-2012:

Gollywog by Bonnie Farmer (QC), dramaturgy by Lois Brown (NL)

LEX by Lauren Spring (ON), dramaturgy by Sara Tilley (NL)

BUFFALO GIRLS: Remix by Nicola Harwood (BC), dramaturgy by Sarah Elkashef (QC)



Mail-Order Dramaturgy 2010-2011:

Granted… by Lauren Spring (ON), dramaturgy by Sara Tilley (NL)

A Good Death by Shelley Hobbs (ON), dramaturgy by Lois Brown (NL)

Living People by Christine Comeau (QC), dramaturgy by Bernardine Stapleton (NL)



Mail-Order Dramaturgy 2009-2010:

Sweets by Amy Anthony (NL), dramaturgy by Sara Tilley (NL)

Puck Bunny by Lindsay Wilson (QC), dramaturgy by Lois Brown (NL)



Mail-Order Dramaturgy 2008-2009:

Drinking Song by Amanda Jernigan (NB/ON), dramaturgy by Berni Stapleton (NL)

Up The Union by Sheilah Roberts (NL), dramaturgy by Sara Tilley (NL)

Canary by Liesl Lafferty (BC), dramaturgy by Lois Brown (NL)



Mail-Order Dramaturgy 2007-2008:

Ten Things by Nicole Stamp (ON), dramaturgy by Lois Brown (NL)

Aphasia by Michelle Butler Hallett (NL), dramaturgy by Sara Tilley (NL)

Winter Wheat by Andrea Rideout (QC), dramaturgy by Emma Tibaldo (QC)